My Favorite Asian Desserts

I grew up in a typical Asian family where we didn’t eat dense chocolate cakes for dessert and my parents were strict so I didn’t really have a lot of sweets in general. Soda to even pancakes, etc. were all a treat for me although I hardly ever touch those things today.

I crave a moist chocolate cake or ice cream every once in a while but I think Asian desserts still hold the top rank in my heart. Growing up thinking fruits were dessert, I think you can see why I’d prefer these less sweet treats to a heavy sugary dessert. The list below is not in any particular order. I crave and prefer different desserts based on my mood, weather, or even what I ate right before.

1. Boba (Bubble Tea) I love boba so much. I used to spend $40 a week on boba. Of course I get 50-75% sugar based on the drink type but it’s my go-to dessert that I can drink all day every day! Happy Lemon is one of my favorites. Kung Fu Tea is also up there. I think LA has more variety and popular places that are not available in San Diego. I hope these open here soon!

2. Bing Soo (Shaved Ice)

Shaved ice is the perfect treat on a hot summer day but it’s so much lighter of a dessert that you can eat it even when you’re stuffed (or at least I can lol). I think this watermelon bing soo from Bing Haus is one of my favorites:


There is this really neat dessert place called MNGO with the best treats. They have everything mango (and other flavors) including shaved snow and boba. This place is a one stop shop for different treats!

4. Souffle Pancakes

You might not consider pancakes dessert but these are very dessert-y. My favorite place to go for these is Cake de Partie on Convoy. I’ve tried hit restaurants like Morning Glory and it’s definitely not as good as CDP.

5. Ube

Everything ube is life. Ube is a purple potato dessert that has gained a mass following in the recent years. There is a cafe that newly opened in Mira Mesa called Cafe 86 and it is UBE HEAVEN. I literally love everything here but my favorite is the upside down halo halo. Some ube treats are a bit too sweet for me but I still crave it once in a while!

6. Kokonut

Coconut pudding with fruit and yes, my dogs are THE cutest (:

7. Matcha Mousse Cake from Lumi

8. Character Dessert Buns from Harumama

Koala = Strawberries n Cream

9. Mochi Donuts

This image is from a location in Koreatown LA, however, there is a new place opened in Chula Vista. I have been trying to pre-order and cannot get my hands on these things. I’ll definitely update my post when I try those.

I think mochi donuts are the next best thing in trendy foods. I personally don’t like donuts but these have a chewy consistency like mochi and the flavors are not too sweet. I am a converted donut lover now!