Battle of the Burgers

I’m a big foodie (and a food snob) but I have to admit, I LOVE a lot of fast food joints. I grew up on McDonald’s and it was such a treat for me because my parents only cooked Korean food at home. Being able to bite into anything outside of the usual home cooking was something I looked forward to but now, I miss everything about home cooked food that I no longer have today. Regardless of being deprived of homemade Korean food and my love for crap fast food, I still know a GOOD burger when I bite into one. I wanted to drive all around San Diego to taste and write about all the best burgers.

Everyone has different taste and I think we all like specific dishes based on various preferences. My favorite burgers are based on buns, then overall flavor then sauces (aioli or boujie jams) and juiciness. I eat my steaks rare but would prefer my burgers medium because I don’t like blood soaked buns. I think a good burger can be DAMN juicy without dripping blood. I also like when my burgers are well balanced and equally proportionate. People who like heavy meaty things will definitely not love my opinions! Lol!

Have a look at my list below and let me know what you think! This list is not in order of favorites and you’ll have to read through what I liked about each.

1. The Balboa

This is one of my top favorite burgers and an easy go to for me… just look at it! It’s the perfect thickness, exceptionally juicy, well-rounded, equally proportioned with toppings and the sauce is “ONE HUNNIT!”.

Make sure to get the garlic fries on the side. This will spice up your life and makes for the best first date breath EVER!

2. The Friendly

Sometimes, the simple things in life win your heart. There are two locations but the original only carries this ONE flat top burger and some pizzas. You canNOT customize the burger and you have to take it as is. To the picky eaters out there, please f*ck off. Take it as is and you won’t regret it! This burger is $5 so the price is a damn winner in itself. It’s also so juicy that I struggled taking this photo but I had SO many people like and repost (some without my permission or tagging me..) this because everyone loved a good simple burger.

3. Swagyu

Swagyu is extremely tough for me to write about because it gives me mixed vibes. I really enjoyed it the first time I went but the second time was really disappointing. I went to the same location in PB so I’m not sure what changed in the short period of time but I’ll break down my experience…

The first time I bit into my Swagyu burger, my eyes rolled back from the flavor and quality of meat. I felt like I’ve never had anything like this and the meat melted in my mouth. I wasn’t a fan of the nitro potatoes because I’d rather fries or tots but it seems popular enough… I wanted some lettuce or tomatoes because I love balance in my burgers but I was happy with this overall.

I was dreaming about this burger and went back with some foodie girlfriends. I’m not sure why but the burger just didn’t have that same effect on me. It was filled with more cartilage pieces that didn’t really melt in my mouth and it felt more dry. I also got to try the bao buns and didn’t think it went well with the thick pieces of wagyu either. I think it’s best separate but that’s just my opinion..

I heard mixed reviews from my followers as well so please let me know what you think about this one for sure!

4. Hamburger Hut

This is a newer burger joint in the heart of Encinitas. The chef recommended a double which I typically don’t like because again… I like balance in my burgers BUT it was PERFECT!

To start, the buns are King Hawaiian rolls so that’s a winner in itself. The patties are made with a wagyu blend that’s perfectly crispy on the edges and juicy in the center. The double is the perfect size for me where I don’t feel stuffed and disgusted with myself but happily full.

5. Rocky’s Crown Pub

When you ask any San Diegan “where is the best burger in San Diego?”, the response is always split between The Balboa and Rocky’s. I’m not sure why others choose one over the other because it’s a tough call but I’ll tell you how this one is different from the others. First, take a second to look at this beauty…

I think Rocky’s is pretty high up there on my list because it seems like a good old fashioned burger that’s simple and delicious. There is no gimmicky fancy sauce and it feels like a normal burger you’ll BBQ at your own 4th of July party. You know the ingredients are trustworthy and good quality.

The two cons (not a problem for me personally but worth noting): 1. It’s cash only and nobody ever has cash. There is an ATM but I wouldn’t want to pay a $3 service fee to get cash for a burger. Make sure to go prepared and you’ll be fine. 2. It’s a pub so everyone in your party has to be 21+. I’m definitely not hanging with children under 20, but I saw this group have to leave because one lady brought her little baby.

6. Hodad’s


I’m not sure what to say other than that. It’s not bad but it’s not that good to wait in that OB line or be featured on TV. I really don’t get the buzz…

7. Burger Lounge

I thought Burger Lounge was this big bad chain but it’s only in California and actually originated from San Diego. Burger Lounge is one of the first in the grass-fed burger game and made with organic ingredients. This chain also promotes sustainability and I thought it was worth writing about to highlight these efforts.

The burger itself is delicious. I think it’s a well-balanced burger that feels like top quality. If quality is up your alley, Burger Lounge has some convenient locations for you.

8. Queenstown Public House and/or Queenstown Bistro

I’m not sure if there is a difference between the two locations menu-wise but they have different slightly different names…

I think there is a little New Zealand flare to this place and it’s good but I wouldn’t put it at the top of my list. Here’s why…

The buns are just okkk… it’s just a basic bun. The patties are made with good quality meat but not that juicy in my opinion. I’ve tried the regular beef, lamb patty, and the yellow fin ahi. I liked all of them but wouldn’t find myself craving it so much I dream about it. It wouldn’t even come to the top of my mind for burger recommendations based on price you pay for a burger that’s just ok BUT I would suggest this spot to people in Little Italy for MEAT PIES and happy hour.

I will add though… I LOVE horseradish and I love their sauce because of that. That’s all (:

9. Bunz

Bunz with a Z is in a prime location in the heart of Hotel Circle/Mission Valley. It’s located inside a Days Inn by Wyndham and will most likely get a lot of traffic when tourism is back in full swing after Covid.

Despite the name, the bun was not my favorite. It was soft, which I like but looked undercooked and pale even though it wasn’t.

I got the South of the Border which has jalapeño ranch. I love RANCH and I LOVE a good spice so I was like say no more and gimme gimme.

Obviously, the first thing I noticed was my pale burger bun but it was beautiful and well proportioned so I gave it a go. The patty was just ok too. Nothing special about it but I’m happy with my jalapeño ranch.

Overall, I think it’s a good, convenient and decently priced burger if you’re looking for a diner vibe.

10. Ranch 45

Brandt. Beef. Burger.

That is all.

HAHA jk.

For reals though, I’m not going to lie, the first time I went, I thought MEH. I went back and the bun had changed to my favorite kind. The first time, it was one of those regular tough whatever buns. I was obviously way happier with my second visit and that’s the photo I’m sticking with.

You can tell the quality of the patty is just top notch. Being a butcher shop, they’re known for their meats and this burger showcases that.

I think everything outside of this burger has been really good as well. It’s located in Solana Beach/Del Mar close to the fairgrounds. I would have made this a regular spot if I found it before we went remote and I found a new remote position.

11. Madison

This is one of the cutest trendiest brunch spots/bar located in University Heights. I love the decor and everything they have is exactly how I envision my future restaurant looking like. I’m obsessed with everything I see here from the table vase + dried flowers and even the colors on the wall.

I’ve been here several times but never thought to get the burger. When friends found out I was doing a burger blog, they recommended it and spoke highly of it.

I really like the burger here. It’s a good burger but is it anything special? TBH, no. IF I were here and not feeling brunch food (which I often don’t because I don’t love egg yolk), I’d be happy with my burger choice but it’s not somewhere I would go just for the burgers.

I would highly recommend the Queen of Crowns. This cocktail is delicious but also, the experience that comes with it is neat.

12. VAGA

Ok this place has so much potential and is in an amazing location overlooking the water BUT… and this is a BIG BUT… this is THE WORST F*CKIN BURGER I HAVE EVER HAD EVER EVER EVER!

What in the actual f*ck?

The burger is $28 which is a reasonable price purely based off location alone and what I assume are going to be quality ingredients but MAKE IT F*CKIN GOOD IF IT’S $28!!! PLEASE!

The seeded bun wasn’t even quality bread. It was dry AF.

I also personally hate boujie ketchup. If you’re serving boujie ketchup, it better be mind blowing. This tasted like bland blended tomatoes.

Here is where they failed big time… the PATTY SUCKS HAIRY BALLS. I got it medium and it came out pretty bloody looking. The patty looked juicy AF initially but it was just a weird consistency and texture. I saw someone else post the same weird disgusting throw up looking patty that fell apart on Yelp and complain about it so I don’t think this was an off day. I think this is legitimately how they make it and I really want them to pay me for my valet which is only partially validated along with this burger, gas and my time. I really don’t understand how they made such a soggy crumbly mess of a disgusting thing but I am beyond upset that I was even bothered with this.

The tomato was the best thing and they didn’t even make that. The ketchup they made with these delicious tomatoes were a fail.

ARGH… storms out with angry face!

13. The Neighborhood

Located in the heart of East Village, the Neighborhood is known as the cool spot with a great selection of beers and cocktails, however, they also have one of the best burgers (IMHO) too! Hint hint… this is one of my top fave burgers (;

I would also check out The Noble Experiment, the speakeasy, after you devour this sexy burg! Speakeasies are IN!!!

14. Samburgers

I’m actually a HUGE fan of Sam the Cooking Guy! I had the pleasure of meeting him a couple years back because I had a friend who worked for him and he’s such a fantastic guy!

Samburgers has two very HOT locations in the Little Italy Food Hall and Seaport Village.

I think the appeal with him is that he comes up with recipes that are easy for the everyday person to be able to whip up and I love everything I tried from him. The only thing is, I wouldn’t put his burgers at the top of my list. I loved it but it’s not something that just lands in my top five. No shit talking here… just as simple as “there are better ones”.

I will add… get those damn beans. GOT DAMN ISSA GOOD!

15. Upper East

Everyone is all about the WAGYU beef but if you have REAL wagyu, you’ll be able to tell the fake ones apart instantly. Upper East has a deal on their wagyu burgers every Wednesday’s and it’s still expensive with this deal in my opinion. I also don’t think the wagyu was real or the patty was fully made with 100% wagyu beef.

I will note that I LOVED whatever cheese was on this burger. The cheese is what made it juicy and delicious!!!

16. Westerly

Westerly is another super cute spot in Point Loma. I went here for brunch not expecting to get a burger but they were out of the ingredients for the bowl I wanted and so I ended up getting it in the end. I was quite sick of burgers by this time but I didn’t regret it one bit. The burger was delicious! Not my top 3 but damn good!

P.S. I wanna live here! LOL!

17. Burger Flex

The burgers here are customizable. I didn’t do any customizations since this burger had everything I wanted and more. I’m a big fan of avocados on my burger.

Burger Flex is located in the Barrio Food Hub, which I have mixed feelings about. It seems cool but you go into a small “lobby” and order your food. I’m not sure what else they have. There’s a guy there that will not let you take any photos or videos inside and he was watching me like a hawk. I felt so uncomfortable so I didn’t really “explore”.

The burger was decent but I wouldn’t drive this far for one. It’s like a 28 minute drive for me…

18. The Lodge at Torrey Pines

I don’t golf so I’m not over here often but a friend recommended this drugstore burger and raved about it so here I am…

How perfect is this?

I would get this with the blue cheese because it adds the oomph you need in your life.

Again, super delicious but not my top 3.

19. Nine-Ten

I love this spot in La Jolla and have been here for special dinners a couple times but never had the burger. I LOVE the food here but the burger was just ok to me. I wouldn’t go here and pay this kind of money for the burger. It’s not bad or nasty… just not worth it for me.

Also, the bun was one of those tougher hard buns ):

20. Twist

I love this spot! I love it because of the unique tikka masala fries and assortment of unique flavors to the normal classic burgers/fries. I think it’s pretty up there in terms of rankings but still not my top 3.

…but for reals though, look at how amazing these fries look! The burger also looks so perfect and beautiful.

Twist is located in a hot spot near North Park and Hillcrest. I would highly recommend a visit even though it’s not my top 3!

21. Hayes

Another new spot in Barrio Logan. This one is good but another one that isn’t worth the drive for me.

I think this spot had the wrong approach to the burger game. They totally jacked the In n Out vibe and it’s good but you cannot recreate a California classic and have it more expensive. It’s totally a copycat of In n Out with the animal style fries, etc. You know how I feel about copycats…

I can just drive down the street to In n Out and spend less money.

Again, GOOD but come on…

22. The Roxy

This burger was beautiful but a total miss for me. The burger reminded me of Swagyu round 2. It was full of cartilage and dry.

I wouldn’t get it again but I did enjoy my Paloma a LOT.

23. Kairoa Brewing Co

This burger was delicious. It was juicy and there was a yummy sauce just the way I like it. My biggest issue with this place and the burger was that they gave me a different top and bottom bun. Can you see it?!?! I picked it up and tried to angle it so it’s not as weird looking but it was weird to receive it like this. How does this even happen?

I like this brewery and the sour I had… just fix your burger bun issue please.

24. San Diego Burger Co.

This place is located in Seaport Village so I definitely don’t think they’ll have a problem with traffic (when tourism picks back up after Covid), but there is nothing super special about it.

I love the onion rings here a lot and they have an assortment of sides as you can see from the photo. The burger is good… it’s just nothing mind blowing for me to drive to Seaport Village for.

Side note: good job snagging the name!

25. Mission Avenue

Ok… this is the last one on my list and it’s a good one!

I LOVE the Hokkaido milk bread they use for the buns. This added a unique flare to a classic burger. The burger itself was delicious but another one that wouldn’t make my top 3 despite my infatuation with their buns.

I don’t have very many burger recommendations in the North County area but if you’re up in Oceanside, this is a good one to try.

Rankings from the [Self-Proclaimed] Burger Queen

Sorry this list is so long and it’s been quite a read. I was trying to rate the top 3 out of about 5 places but when people found out I was doing this burger blog, I KEPT getting new ones tossed at me to add to my list.

Now with that said, the moment we’ve all been waiting for… the rankings!

  1. Hamburger Hut
  2. The Neighborhood
  3. Balboa

I am so sick of burgers but knew I had to deliver so I really hope you enjoyed the Battle of the Burgers list! Cheers to all the burgers of 2021!

Best Margaritas/Margarita Flights

I’m all about drinking and like to think I drink a “healthy amount”. It sucks because after 30, my hangovers last at least 48 hours and I’ll get a hangover even if I’m nowhere remotely close to being tipsy. My body just can’t process alcohol as well as when I was <25 but that definitely won’t stop me. I have a happy hour post I’m also researching and working on but for now, I THINK I tackled all the best margarita flights and/or trendy margaritas you can find in San Diego.

These are in no particular order so please read about the place before deciding which one tickles your fancy!

1. Cocina de Barrio

POPSICLE Margaritas… Need I say more?

Cocina de Barrio is one of my all time favorites here in San Diego. They have a great happy hour menu, amazing brunch and regular menu. The food is made with EXTRA love and each dish has the most beautiful presentation that this restaurant is one of the most instagram worthy restaurants EVER! The popsicle margarita is equally beautiful as it is delicious. The popsicle adds a little flare and makes this so trendy. I love love love this spot and it hasn’t disappointed anyone I recommended it to.

IG: @eatcocinadebarrio

2. King and Queen Cantina

I love everything about Little Italy, San Diego. I want to live here and walk to all the hot spots they have. I love the neighborhood, the vibe, the food, the drinks, etc. Of course Little Italy has King and Queen Cantina… one of the prettiest margarita flights you can find in town. The food is decent but not mind blowing.

The flight consists of the following flavors: Cucumber, Watermelon, Pomegranate, Gardez, Mango

Look at this beauty! #doitforthegram

IG: @kingandqueencantina

3. Carte Blanche

I honestly think this is one of my all time favorite margaritas overall. It’s nice and light but also SO unique. I have never seen this type of margarita anywhere and it’s a major plus that everything at this restaurant is AMAZING!!! If you are ever in the Oceanside area, I highly recommend this restaurant.

Margarita Oh La La: El Jimador Blanco Tequila, Lilikoi Foam, Lime & Black Sea Salt

IG: @eatcarteblanche

4. Barrio Star

I don’t particularly love spicy drinks because it’s weird… I feel like I’m drinking habanero pepper in liquid form but I DO love a good spicy margarita. Again, I don’t want to drink a pepper straight up so I need this made well and Barrio Star does just that! Food here is good too and the service is excellent.

IG: @barriostarsd

5. Graze

Another Little Italy hot spot! The Food Hall in Little Italy is just a vibe. Due to the recent pandemic, there has been some turnover but Graze has fortunately survived. I hate that the flights are only available on Thursday’s because I can’t just pop by any time to try it but I do like that they do something similar with wine on Wednesday’s, and maybe more(?).. I love hanging out near the fountain and just enjoying our perfect weather with a drink in my hand. I’m always reminded of how blessed I am to be in such a beautiful city!

IG: @grazebysam & @littleitalyfoodhall

6. El Zarape

I remember this place was always one of the top rated Mexican food restaurants on various websites when I was researching. I love the one on Adams with the umbrellas everywhere. It reminds me of those European cities and is so perfect nested here in San Diego. There is one margarita I didn’t care for (I think it was the strawberry one) but overall… great food and great drinks.

IG: @elzaraperestaurant

7. Crushed

I personally did not enjoy the margarita flights here. I think they’re beautiful and trendy but the mimosa flights are way better. If you do decide to visit, stick with the mimosa flights… equally pretty if not prettier because of all the flowers.

(Front: Mimosa Flight, Back: Margarita Flight)

IG: @crushedpb

8. Mustangs & Burros

This little restaurant is hidden inside the Estancia Hotel in La Jolla right by UCSD, Salk Institute, etc. Now, I’m a little hesitant including this in my blog because I’m not sure if this is a regular item. This margarita flight was available during the 2020 election and it was so memorable because it was definitely NOT a flight and 3 full margaritas. LOL! I can’t seem to find whether you can still get this or not so maybe check it out if you’re rich enough to stay at the Estancia!

Incumbent, Tequila for President & Challenger

IG: @estancialajolla (restaurant does not have IG)

9. El Chingon

This place is located in the heart of Gaslamp and IS the real BAD ASS MEXICAN as seen on their logo. They have the biggest glass of margaritas and theirs comes with paletas. You can mix and match any flavor paleta with whatever margarita you want. I believe they have some rose drink that comes in a similar fashion too. Food is also decent. This place is a must and then you should hop all around Gaslamp for the nightlife!

IG: @elchingonsd

10. Cocina del Charro

This is a restaurant in Escondido which isn’t an area that sparks my interest but I’ll go anywhere for the margarita flight research and blog post. I personally didn’t enjoy the food. It was very mediocre Mexican food, however, the margarita flights were surprisingly good. The flavors sounded weird to me at first because there’s an apple cinnamon like one and a coconut one but I ended up enjoying ’em all!

If there are any margarita flights I missed or any new ones that pop up in San Diego, feel free to DM me @sdfoodiegram and let me know! I would be more than happy to photograph this and leave a full review!


My Favorite Asian Desserts

I grew up in a typical Asian family where we didn’t eat dense chocolate cakes for dessert and my parents were strict so I didn’t really have a lot of sweets in general. Soda to even pancakes, etc. were all a treat for me although I hardly ever touch those things today.

I crave a moist chocolate cake or ice cream every once in a while but I think Asian desserts still hold the top rank in my heart. Growing up thinking fruits were dessert, I think you can see why I’d prefer these less sweet treats to a heavy sugary dessert. The list below is not in any particular order. I crave and prefer different desserts based on my mood, weather, or even what I ate right before.

1. Boba (Bubble Tea) I love boba so much. I used to spend $40 a week on boba. Of course I get 50-75% sugar based on the drink type but it’s my go-to dessert that I can drink all day every day! Happy Lemon is one of my favorites. Kung Fu Tea is also up there. I think LA has more variety and popular places that are not available in San Diego. I hope these open here soon!

2. Bing Soo (Shaved Ice)

Shaved ice is the perfect treat on a hot summer day but it’s so much lighter of a dessert that you can eat it even when you’re stuffed (or at least I can lol). I think this watermelon bing soo from Bing Haus is one of my favorites:


There is this really neat dessert place called MNGO with the best treats. They have everything mango (and other flavors) including shaved snow and boba. This place is a one stop shop for different treats!

4. Souffle Pancakes

You might not consider pancakes dessert but these are very dessert-y. My favorite place to go for these is Cake de Partie on Convoy. I’ve tried hit restaurants like Morning Glory and it’s definitely not as good as CDP.

5. Ube

Everything ube is life. Ube is a purple potato dessert that has gained a mass following in the recent years. There is a cafe that newly opened in Mira Mesa called Cafe 86 and it is UBE HEAVEN. I literally love everything here but my favorite is the upside down halo halo. Some ube treats are a bit too sweet for me but I still crave it once in a while!

6. Kokonut

Coconut pudding with fruit and yes, my dogs are THE cutest (:

7. Matcha Mousse Cake from Lumi

8. Character Dessert Buns from Harumama

Koala = Strawberries n Cream

9. Mochi Donuts

This image is from a location in Koreatown LA, however, there is a new place opened in Chula Vista. I have been trying to pre-order and cannot get my hands on these things. I’ll definitely update my post when I try those.

I think mochi donuts are the next best thing in trendy foods. I personally don’t like donuts but these have a chewy consistency like mochi and the flavors are not too sweet. I am a converted donut lover now!

Top 8 Cutest Coffee Shops In San Diego

Ok ok, I’m a basic bitch and I love my cute coffee shops. I tend to stick with straight black coffee and I feel like that’s the best way to genuinely taste how great the coffee beans are, however, I love trying the barista’s variations of different espresso drinks as well. Some of the more popular unique creations to note are the rose and lavender lattes. I guzzle large amounts of coffee so I’m down to always get a coffee flight of the specialty drinks with a cold brew to go. Lol!

I’ll be honest, these coffee shops made this list for the cute aesthetics and interior decor initially, but their coffee is also great. It might not be THE BEST COFFEE YOU EVER TRIED (for those coffee snobs reading) but both coffee and coffee shop are worth the visit. There will definitely be some coffee shops with GREAT coffee that didn’t make the list but I’ll come up with “The Greatest Coffee” list separately… Let me have my basic bitch moment!!!

1. Oliver Coffea | Hillcrest | IG: @olivercoffea

This is one of the cutest little coffee shops with the best looking pastries. The pastry chef/owner makes everything from scratch and includes a lot of vegan options in her rotating menu. When I first started my foodography journey, most places with beautiful foods did not taste great. Today, that has completely changed and Oliver Coffea is proof of that. I got the cold brew that was very smooth and good enough to make it to the top of my list. I also tried the vegan empanada and the strawberry bundt cake which were both equally tasty.


2. Communal Coffee | North Park | IG: @communalcoffee

I think this is one of the more popular well-known basic bitch coffee shops in San Diego. I feel like everyone and their mamas instagram a picture from here. Coffee was good. The toast flight was very unique. I love the flower shop that’s connected. This place can literally take all my money and I’d still be begging for more.


My only con: If you want to serve a latte flight on the menu, please either include 3 drinks in the fitted slot or don’t have this at all. I don’t know why I paid for a flight to include only 2 lattes and a cup of water. I feel like there could have been a better way to handle this. Include a black espresso, a cold brew taster, or even a plain latte to compare. You can even use that slot for a little unique condiments section with sugar, honey, agave, etc. This made the flight look cheap and ruined the flight experience for me personally.

3. Copa Vida | East Village | IG: @copa_vida

Copa Vida holds a place close to my heart. This is one of the first coffee shops I went to regularly because the food and coffee were so amazing. My ex-boyfriend was an extremely picky guy who also loved eating here too. That may or may not say a lot because picky eaters cannot be trusted fully but you check it out for yourself and feel free to reply back to me with your own feedback.


4. James Coffee Co. | Little Italy | IG: @jamescoffeeco

If you’re looking for a cool little spot to walk around while having your coffee, this is your jam! James Coffee Co. is located in a building that is shared with small little stores and also a “hipster” barbershop. I haven’t been to this location in a while because the coffee from James Coffee Co. is served at various other coffee shops so I’m not sure which one of these stores have changed but regardless, neat little spot.


I got a slightly different drink here because I wanted to try something unique. They served this coffee with a side of Topo Chico, which is a sparkling mineral water. I felt like I was drinking a really refreshing version of a coffee+soda. It was definitely unique and perfect for a hot summer day. Their coffee is really good and that’s probably why it’s served at so many other places all around San Diego.

5. The Forum Coffee Shop

This coffee shop may not be the most appealing off the bat because it’s located inside a very boring looking strip mall, however, it brings all the chill vibes inside. I literally went here and tried 3 different drinks all on my own. I mainly ordered this for instagram because I’m crazy like that but I couldn’t decide on one drink!






Pictured: Rose Latte, Matcha Latte, and Blue Chai Latte

Please do not make me choose a favorite. They were all unique in their own way and I’d come back to order all 3 again (:

6. Better Buzz Coffee | Hillcrest | IG: @betterbuzz

Better Buzz is a big ass coffee chain in San Diego. I feel like Better Buzz just exploded one day and there were a million of ’em everywhere. Needless to say, you see how popular it is…

I love the Hillcrest location because it’s big and roomy but also just has the coffee shop vibe I want. I’ve tried my favorite basic bitch menu item go to: the avocado toast. I’ve been here frequently so I tried several drinks and there wasn’t one I didn’t like. I think it’s a must try if you’re in town!

7. Lofty Coffee Co | Little Italy | IG: @loftycoffeeco

Now Lofty’s is one that I’m extremely torn posting about. I love the outdoor vibe in the heart of Little Italy, but I also have issues with the pricing of the food menu. I feel like there are a lot of basic veggies that are severely overpriced but it IS fresh quality so I don’t know. I definitely overpay for avocado toasts all the time but this power bowl was not filling at all and full of what I consider “cheap” veggies. It was just a LOT of cabbage and cauliflower which is why I’m just torn…….


The London Fog was good if you’re into tea lattes. I also got an americano after because I was working here and needed more fuel.

Just the London Fog + Superfood Bowl = almost $20 including tip.

I will add though that the bowl IS good. The coffee is good. The tea is good. I love the spot. I think this is more sticker shock than anything…

8. Yerba Mate Bar | Pacific Beach | IG: @baryerba

I never knew this place existed until instagram. Thank God for instagram. LOL. I get all my food inspo from here and hope to be food inspo for others as well.

First of all, the empanadas here are delicious. My favorite is the mushroom with the white olive sauce. I used to think the chipotle chimichurri was the best sauce until I tried this sauce + empanada combo and oh em gee! Shout out to the employee here for that recommendation.


Secondly, this is my first time trying a yerba mate latte. It was very unique and weird for me but still good. I had a Rose Yerba Mate and Lavender Espresso Latte. Comparing these two was very interesting. Yerba Mate caffeine tastes cleaner to me. I don’t know if that makes sense. I would still prefer the espresso latte but wouldn’t mind a yerba mate latte every once in a while.


That’s the list and that’s a wrap! I am open to new coffee shop suggestions so please feel free to leave any comments!


The Life of a Foodographer

IMG_4728Ok. First post! Here it goes…

I have always had a passion for photography and beautiful dishes, however I am mediocre at both taking photos and cooking. Thanks to Instagram, I am able to pursue this dream of mine while maintaining my full-time job.

I started taking photos of all my food because I would Yelp a restaurant that has amazing reviews and would be severely disappointed when I went myself. I started Yelping to share honest reviews and eventually became Yelp elite, however, I declined all my offers from restaurants to “make it up to me” when I left a bad review. I don’t respect individuals that would go and receive special treatment and then change their reviews. This is not a REAL experience and that’s probably how I ended up at these terrible restaurants to begin with. I began hating Yelp and moved to Instagram to share my food experience instead.

Instagram is a great app that provides regular people an opportunity to use their skills to become influencers. Through Instagram, I was able to share my amateur photographs and be seen! I stopped using my personal account because the food one was already a handful to manage and now I use this account to share everything including dogs and lifestyle. Regular people can take amazing quality photos using their iPhones rather than spending thousands of dollars on fancy cameras and lenses. This app opened up a whole new world for us and I am grateful for the small but supportive platform I now have.

Creative writing is very challenging for me even though I write a lot of documentation for my job today. The writing I do at work is more geared towards business processes and very straight forward, while bloggers come up with very engaging but concise and witty topics to write about. I want to start this blog to share more than just a photo but also the details of the experience that comes with it. Although I’m terrible at this creative writing thing, I hope to be able to learn and improve to keep you engaged.

Thanks for reading my first post!

IG: @sdfoodiegram