Best Margaritas/Margarita Flights

I’m all about drinking and like to think I drink a “healthy amount”. It sucks because after 30, my hangovers last at least 48 hours and I’ll get a hangover even if I’m nowhere remotely close to being tipsy. My body just can’t process alcohol as well as when I was <25 but that definitely won’t stop me. I have a happy hour post I’m also researching and working on but for now, I THINK I tackled all the best margarita flights and/or trendy margaritas you can find in San Diego.

These are in no particular order so please read about the place before deciding which one tickles your fancy!

1. Cocina de Barrio

POPSICLE Margaritas… Need I say more?

Cocina de Barrio is one of my all time favorites here in San Diego. They have a great happy hour menu, amazing brunch and regular menu. The food is made with EXTRA love and each dish has the most beautiful presentation that this restaurant is one of the most instagram worthy restaurants EVER! The popsicle margarita is equally beautiful as it is delicious. The popsicle adds a little flare and makes this so trendy. I love love love this spot and it hasn’t disappointed anyone I recommended it to.

IG: @eatcocinadebarrio

2. King and Queen Cantina

I love everything about Little Italy, San Diego. I want to live here and walk to all the hot spots they have. I love the neighborhood, the vibe, the food, the drinks, etc. Of course Little Italy has King and Queen Cantina… one of the prettiest margarita flights you can find in town. The food is decent but not mind blowing.

The flight consists of the following flavors: Cucumber, Watermelon, Pomegranate, Gardez, Mango

Look at this beauty! #doitforthegram

IG: @kingandqueencantina

3. Carte Blanche

I honestly think this is one of my all time favorite margaritas overall. It’s nice and light but also SO unique. I have never seen this type of margarita anywhere and it’s a major plus that everything at this restaurant is AMAZING!!! If you are ever in the Oceanside area, I highly recommend this restaurant.

Margarita Oh La La: El Jimador Blanco Tequila, Lilikoi Foam, Lime & Black Sea Salt

IG: @eatcarteblanche

4. Barrio Star

I don’t particularly love spicy drinks because it’s weird… I feel like I’m drinking habanero pepper in liquid form but I DO love a good spicy margarita. Again, I don’t want to drink a pepper straight up so I need this made well and Barrio Star does just that! Food here is good too and the service is excellent.

IG: @barriostarsd

5. Graze

Another Little Italy hot spot! The Food Hall in Little Italy is just a vibe. Due to the recent pandemic, there has been some turnover but Graze has fortunately survived. I hate that the flights are only available on Thursday’s because I can’t just pop by any time to try it but I do like that they do something similar with wine on Wednesday’s, and maybe more(?).. I love hanging out near the fountain and just enjoying our perfect weather with a drink in my hand. I’m always reminded of how blessed I am to be in such a beautiful city!

IG: @grazebysam & @littleitalyfoodhall

6. El Zarape

I remember this place was always one of the top rated Mexican food restaurants on various websites when I was researching. I love the one on Adams with the umbrellas everywhere. It reminds me of those European cities and is so perfect nested here in San Diego. There is one margarita I didn’t care for (I think it was the strawberry one) but overall… great food and great drinks.

IG: @elzaraperestaurant

7. Crushed

I personally did not enjoy the margarita flights here. I think they’re beautiful and trendy but the mimosa flights are way better. If you do decide to visit, stick with the mimosa flights… equally pretty if not prettier because of all the flowers.

(Front: Mimosa Flight, Back: Margarita Flight)

IG: @crushedpb

8. Mustangs & Burros

This little restaurant is hidden inside the Estancia Hotel in La Jolla right by UCSD, Salk Institute, etc. Now, I’m a little hesitant including this in my blog because I’m not sure if this is a regular item. This margarita flight was available during the 2020 election and it was so memorable because it was definitely NOT a flight and 3 full margaritas. LOL! I can’t seem to find whether you can still get this or not so maybe check it out if you’re rich enough to stay at the Estancia!

Incumbent, Tequila for President & Challenger

IG: @estancialajolla (restaurant does not have IG)

9. El Chingon

This place is located in the heart of Gaslamp and IS the real BAD ASS MEXICAN as seen on their logo. They have the biggest glass of margaritas and theirs comes with paletas. You can mix and match any flavor paleta with whatever margarita you want. I believe they have some rose drink that comes in a similar fashion too. Food is also decent. This place is a must and then you should hop all around Gaslamp for the nightlife!

IG: @elchingonsd

10. Cocina del Charro

This is a restaurant in Escondido which isn’t an area that sparks my interest but I’ll go anywhere for the margarita flight research and blog post. I personally didn’t enjoy the food. It was very mediocre Mexican food, however, the margarita flights were surprisingly good. The flavors sounded weird to me at first because there’s an apple cinnamon like one and a coconut one but I ended up enjoying ’em all!

If there are any margarita flights I missed or any new ones that pop up in San Diego, feel free to DM me @sdfoodiegram and let me know! I would be more than happy to photograph this and leave a full review!