The Life of a Foodographer

IMG_4728Ok. First post! Here it goes…

I have always had a passion for photography and beautiful dishes, however I am mediocre at both taking photos and cooking. Thanks to Instagram, I am able to pursue this dream of mine while maintaining my full-time job.

I started taking photos of all my food because I would Yelp a restaurant that has amazing reviews and would be severely disappointed when I went myself. I started Yelping to share honest reviews and eventually became Yelp elite, however, I declined all my offers from restaurants to “make it up to me” when I left a bad review. I don’t respect individuals that would go and receive special treatment and then change their reviews. This is not a REAL experience and that’s probably how I ended up at these terrible restaurants to begin with. I began hating Yelp and moved to Instagram to share my food experience instead.

Instagram is a great app that provides regular people an opportunity to use their skills to become influencers. Through Instagram, I was able to share my amateur photographs and be seen! I stopped using my personal account because the food one was already a handful to manage and now I use this account to share everything including dogs and lifestyle. Regular people can take amazing quality photos using their iPhones rather than spending thousands of dollars on fancy cameras and lenses. This app opened up a whole new world for us and I am grateful for the small but supportive platform I now have.

Creative writing is very challenging for me even though I write a lot of documentation for my job today. The writing I do at work is more geared towards business processes and very straight forward, while bloggers come up with very engaging but concise and witty topics to write about. I want to start this blog to share more than just a photo but also the details of the experience that comes with it. Although I’m terrible at this creative writing thing, I hope to be able to learn and improve to keep you engaged.

Thanks for reading my first post!

IG: @sdfoodiegram